The demand for magicians at weddings has increased phenomenally in recent years due to magic becoming ‘popular’ again and even ‘cool’ thanks to television magicians such as Dynamo, David Blaine and Troy.

Booking a magician for your wedding is more than just providing some entertainment for your guests. What you are doing is giving your guests a gift that will they will never forget. It’s important to Rod that guests knows this and that he has been booked as a gift to them from the bride and groom – Rod mentions this in his opening line when approaching tables/groups. This leaves your guests feeling even more valued and appreciated – and they may even slip an extra twenty in your card!

There are various options when booking a magician for your special day. Here are the most popular:


Wedding reception

Wedding Reception

This is a great ice breaker for your guests who have just arrived at the venue and when photos are being done. Rod will stroll around performing to small groups close up magic and miracles of the mind, demonstrating the seemingly impossible and leaving your guests truly ‘Amazed’.

At tables

At tables

You can relax knowing that your guests are enjoying themselves being entertained by Rod’s interactive table magic show that he will perform between courses and speeches. Every time you hear a loud applause and gasps of awe you will be glad that you went ahead to book Rod for your special day!

After dinner

After Dinner Entertainment

To end with a real treat for your guests you could book Rod to do a 25 minute interactive cabaret act that includes a special performance to the bride and groom. This could be in addition to Rod performing close up earlier on.


Whatever you choose Rod will spend as much time as needed with you in the planning to ensure everything goes as smooth as possible on the day.

Before any booking is confirmed with a deposit, it is important to Rod that you see him perform in person and will do one of his ‘sets’ during an initial face to face meeting!

Get in touch with Rod today to find out more about booking Rod for your special day.